Thursday, 14 July 2011

I made some gloves.

I am a novice at knitting. I learnt to knit as a child but I don’t remember doing anything but plain (knit). I decided purl knitting wasn’t too hard after all and knitted up a bunch of stuff. These gloves took me two days, which is quick, for me. The fingerless quality means I can do chores and typing easily

My pretty Pink Gloves

I made a few mistakes but they look good! Knitting is a great skill for both adults and children. My Grandfather used to knit and I didn’t think it was strange at all. Knitting your own items gives a feeling of satisfaction and you can control aspects such as what yarn type (and source it locally), what tension and even change the pattern slightly to fit better. For this pattern I used smaller needles and the gloves still turned out a bit big (I have small hands). I’m teaching my daughter the skill of knitting and she’s slowly getting it. The pride I have in passing skills down the generation is quite awe-inspiring to me.


  1. wow they're really excellent gloves! (unlike my weird sew-up-the-seam fingerless bodgy effort.)

  2. Your gloves were cool too. I am very impressed with myself for being able to (mostly) follow a pattern.

    Finally I can comment properly. Is anyone else having commenting issues?